How It Works

We make any print, digital or broadcast content or advertising shoppable online and in store. We help our partners incentivise and reward shoppers and we help them make their shoppers’ journeys simple and relevant. We do it all invisibly, by connecting the world's biggest FMCG brands and retailers with some of the world's biggest media audiences.

Getting Started

Adopting Foodity’s shoppable content and ad technology is a quick and simple process. Publishers, broadcasters and content marketers can create new content that’s e-commerce ready using our shoppable content manager. Web and mobile app developers can use our services to generate baskets and lists interactively. Retailers use our services to organise and enrich their product data and to enable marketers and media partners to build baskets at their webstores.

Why Foodity?

Foodity’s technologies exist to do one thing – convert consumer engagement (with content, ads and apps), into purchases.

290% growth per quarter in branded
products powered by Foodity.

65% of the UK’s online recipe traffic is
already powered by Foodity.

5X increase in CPM for publisher
partners carrying shoppable ads.

We turn consumer engagement with digital content and ads into online purchases with our add-to-basket tools. We turn digital engagement into in-store purchases with our add-to-list and couponing tools. We turn consumer engagement with out-of-home, print and broadcast advertising into online and in store purchases, using second screen, shortcodes and image recognition.

The world’s biggest retailers and brands use Foodity to structure content around products and then make it shoppable in multiple markets and languages.

Adopting our platform connects you immediately and seamlessly to your retail or supplier partners and to your media partners’ audiences.

Foodity’s technology remains invisible, serving as the behind-the-scenes connection between content, apps & advertising and online or in-store checkout.

Our Platform Is Used By

Our Products

Foodity has a comprehensive suite of more than a dozen technologies that combine to deliver three main solutions.

Shoppable content manager

Create content, ads and applications based on Foodity’s data standards that will interact with partners’ services. Manage your product catalogues, product data, view analytics and reports.

Content-aware advertising

Promote your products with ad-units that correspond to a user’s current shopping session or known ecommerce accounts.

Cloud list and coupons

Let consumers bookmark content and offers, and view shopping lists aggregated from them on their mobile, inside your web-store, or in your app.

Foodity Labs

Our labs team are constantly innovating and experimenting on the platform, with our R&D often driven by client requirements or inspired by partner wish lists. Our labs push new product live almost monthly, ensuring we stay at the cutting edge year after year.

Our Partners

Shoppable technology creates an invisible connection between:

  • The world’s leading retailers use Foodity to provide fulfillment as a platform. Partner to connect your retailer to the webs best editorial, brands and advertising.

  • Make your advertising inventory shoppable and change the nature of your relationships with brands. The world’s leading publishers use Foodity to connect to market-leading retailers globally.

  • Make your online advertising and advertorial shoppable. Access virtual footfall where you can message shoppers appropriately. Foodity facilitates shopper marketing in the web and on mobile.